We live in a world where Social Media has created an image for perfection that today’s generation constantly wants to match up to. A lot of people are losing themselves and their individuality in trying to match up to these images of perfection. So much chaos, so much distress and Royal Footprints is having none of that. We got together and teamed up with an Organisation by the name Royal Footprints,and helped them in their fight against this perfection epidemic! Royal Footprints,  stands to fight against the Idea of Beauty having an image or set standard, they believe, “Beauty is without Definition.” This video is in support of Royal Footprints’ Campaign called, Ndozvandiri (translated This is what/who i am) Which is a campaign set to encourage young people to accept themselves and not be intimidated by the edited and perfected visual images of models and people that circulate the internet.

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